Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fresh and Ripe

Today marks over two months since my last post. I find that a little disappointing but I have posted regularly in some blog or another. I recently decided to sign up for as many social networking sites as possible and blogs as well, just to see which I prefer. Turns out I prefer myspace and facebook. Yet I find that ever site has something individual that it offers that I truly enjoy. I signed up for a flixster account and have remained satisfied with it thus far. I think the idea behind that site is rather magnificent. Social networking for movie lovers, now that is clever.

I have been pondering lately what little gem of a website I am going to come up with but nothing solid comes to mind. I really dig the internet biz but I am not sure I would want that as a job. I would however consider working for; myspace, google, or microsoft. Perhaps one day.

But in other news I have decided that I love Kevin Smith. I think he is pretty excellent. I believe it has something to do with the fact that he allows his movies to be so personal and also more like a television series but it is a movie making it even more extraordinary.

I still have a few movies of his that I need to review before I idealize him. That's a joke. But honestly I like to write a lot and will do it for almost any or no reason at all. I begin with a blank sheet of paper and end up with something pages long. It can be a little weird when you are trying to file a police report.

Once I had to do that and Lindsay wrote one sentence and I ended up writing two paragraphs. I sometimes bring too much detail to the simplest of things and over analyze the silliest of things. Here lately I have been the one to calm certain situations down with even more over analytical individuals. I have an idealistic nature that tends to balance that out a bit. I am learning to enjoy everything in separate moments.

Each one different and irreplaceable. It is a good feeling. Today I went to my Uncle's wedding. He got remarried. Aunt Traci and I arrived right as the bride was about to walk down the isle. We were a little embarrassed. It turned out to be a very cute short wedding. The wedding reception was really fun. We danced forever. I had a blast and was so tired I did not go out tonight.

I am glad. I like being at home a lot more than I used to. At the moment I am at my father's house. Staying up late even though I was exhausted on the way back from Springfield. I seriously need to go back there and visit those blair friends that I have made.

On with Kevin Smith topic though I have decided I want to write a screenplay in a style near to his. I have no real idea where to start yet but I will sooner than later think of something and have it all written out. Trouble is I usually give up on pieces or forget about them before I get to any real resolution.

That could be a constant struggle in my life. A lack of resolution. But I am going to resolve a lot of things for myself. I have been. To every end a new beginning!

So I am fresh and I am ripe and ready for the pickin'!

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