Sunday, February 17, 2008

Simple, Happy, Life!

Most of the things in our life that make it so beautiful are the simple things. The little bits and bites of different emotions, people, ideas, and so on and so forth that make it so incredible and both dependent and independent at the same time Oh the contradictions that make life hysterical and mad or crazy and sad. I have compiled a list of one hundred things that make me smile each time I come into contact with them. This is part of a healing and growth process. A process in which I can add one thing I am grateful for each day.

1. the feeling you get when someone sings to you or plays an instrument for you.
2. The intensity of singing at the top of your lungs in a car with one of your best friends to some of the worst older songs on the radio.
3. seeing someone laugh and cry at the same time.
4. laughing and crying at the same time.
5. getting tickled or ticking someone else.
6. playing with your hair.
7. you playing with mine.
8. looking into someone's eyes and knowing exactly what they are thinking.
9. looking into someone's eyes and having no idea what they are thinking.
10. skinny jeans
11. flats
12. closing my eyes and listening to music.
13. seeing someone else close their eyes while they listen to music.
14. kissing
15. hugging
16. the feeling of hugging someone and wondering if you will ever really let go.
17. bubble baths
18. hide and seek
19. coca cola
20. myspace because it allows people to truly stay connected.
21. meeting someone new
22. the first laugh that comes from a new friendship.
23. looking at the stars and feeling God.
24. dancing in and out of the rain.
25. holding your tongue of for a snowflake to fall upon it and it does.
26. catching a falling leaf.
27. tag
28. jumping on a trampoline with a bunch of your friends.
29. performing a play for your grandmother or the rest of your immediate family.
30. feeling so good it hurts.
31. getting a call from someone unexpectedly.
32. spending hours riding around in a car with a friend.
33. the first kiss
34. the moment you realize that you need them in your life.
35. the moment they realize they need you.
36. confessing feelings.
37. hearing someone else's confessions.
38. looking at pictures you just took of you and a friend on a digital camera and laughing at "how terrible you both look".
39. feeling like you are walking on a cloud.
40. listening to a song and feeling like it was written for your very own life at that very moment.
41. when a song makes you cry.
42. when a song takes you to a place so far away from where you at the moment that you cannot stop listening to it.
43. sleeping in.
44. sleeping in when it's raining.
45. laying in bed with someone and just talking.
46. napping with someone.
47. hearing a song you grew up with and haven't heard in a long time and feeling like you were back there again.
48. new beginnings.
49. spending entire weekends on the couch with your best friends watching the best movies.
50. how predicable the people you know can be.
51. how unpredictable new people can be.
52. the warmth in a family members or friends voice.
53. the feeling that something is missing while people you care about have gone away.
54. getting pierced.
55. wine
56. intoxicated confessions coming from either side.
57. hearing the good news after the bad news.
58. smoothies
59. the first day you step outside and realize that it is summer and so you get your bathing suit on and jump in the pool and invited over your really good friends for a swim.
60. reminiscing with someone.
61. taking long hot showers.
62. staying up way too late.
63. being the first in a class to do something correctly.
64. checking your email and getting actual emails from actual people.
65. the way certain music makes you feel.
66. the desire to get up and do something.
67. feeling confident.
68. being inspired.
69. sneezing.
70. when people say Gesundheit instead of bless you.
71. secrets.
72. comfort food.
73. bob dylan, the beatles, the flaming lips, the strokes, devendra banhart, neil young, the rolling stones, velvet underground, tv on the radio, bright eyes, and much more.
74. when something triggers a memory.
75. laughing.
76. feeling in control.
77. really really good guitar rifts.
78. a clear conscience.
79. embracing change.
80. hot coca, a blanket, a fire, a friend.
81. hot tea, a blanket, a lamp, a book.
82. certain situations you'd love to repeat.
83. wrestling with your siblings.
84. knowing folks you can trust.
85. keepin it cool.
86. not playing the game.
87. being told you will love something and finding out that is completely incorrect that you cannot help but laugh.
88. being told you will love something and discovering they were so right all you can do is just say thanks with a huge smile on your face.
89. being so excited about telling a story and building it up so big that no matter what you will say it won't do half of what it was intended too.
90. fantasies.
91. sharing your fantasies.
92. not being afraid.
93. being afraid but being rescued.
94. people . culture . philosophy . religion . writing . music . art . photography . graphic design . paingting . drawing . psychology . quotes . poetry . lyrics . dancing . singing . performing . taboos . films . reading . conversations . humor . dreams . learning . the internet . computers . ideas .
yoga . blogging . life . language . social networking . self-expression . beatniks . hidden treasures . hipsters . intellectuals . politics . secrets . coffee . extreme behavior. costmetics . hipsters . being brave and afraid . hot tea . peace . public relations . gymnastics . fantasies . truth . love . ♥ .
95. having favorites and being favored.
96. ice cream.
97. bon fires.
98. fire works.
99. the way light hits people's faces and they look more beautiful than ever.
100. making a list of things that make you smile.
101. actually smiling when you read the list.
102. someone else smiling and commenting that they enjoyed your list.
103. inspiring others to make a list.

Yeah it's part of a healing and growth process. I think it's life. It's the art of living and I am doing my best to paint the very best strokes so that everyone knows that I truly desire and feel and love and care. I want to be the artist of inspiration.

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cfoley said...

every single thing on this list makes me smile too. just thought that was weird in an awesomely cool way.