Wednesday, May 21, 2008


to begin something new with that word means a continuation of something previous.
I might be started a brand new topic or I might be brining something older back.
I keep try to pursue you because you are the one that contains all the things I lack.

this world there are many things I have such passion for. Sometimes even the most beautiful things are not seen with your eyes. I will demonstrate how I have runaway.
Without crying, without lying. Oh besides you I would make the best of today.

real problem is that I felt you for so long and I've been the one to say it's gone. But if I spoke the truth and that was the only words I could speak, well then you would know that I've only been all wrong.

or begin. Something happens. It happens that life is all windows and doors. Sometimes they are opened and sometimes they are closed. Sometimes you jump and other time you just peek. I've been the middle for so many years now. I'm ready to move on.

moment you realize that what you need and what you want are the same, then you know you have stopped the game. It is over. Two become one and all things wrong turned around. I'd like to think we've just begun.

Is and will be. I hope.

and I are so many moods. we are so many colors. we are so many sounds. We are a song, we are a lyric, written and spoken so softly that even the most cynical of characters can understand the meaning.

what you are owed but nothing more.

everything interchangeable. Are you?

things are the wanted things. Two separates that mean the same. Equals are not as vulnerable when they have each other.

everyone there are dreams that mean more than reality. Soon they become one. Like equals, Like you and I. Dreams are happening, to everyone. It's daily. It's life. Dreaming turns into existence. You believe all your thoughts to life.

pleasures that are contained into one moment make all pain worthwhile. How life changes instantly like a tune on a turntable. How well mixed are our pains and pleasures.

Is and will be. I hope again. Someday.

have words that I wish were mine sometimes. But I remember how scarred that would make me. I think I have enough on my own.

a place in yourself to hold me. Mold me into your ideal. Make me into your dream, but soon you will realize I have always been exactly what I seem. And nothing truly begins with and. It is just me saying hello again.

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