Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My throat hurts, it could my allergies or it could that I am getting whatever my mother had which was a huge list of respiratory and throat problems. Perhaps I should go see the Otolaryngology or the ear, nose, and throat doctor. Today I woke up just two minutes before my alarm was set to go off. I hate when that happens. Makes me angry that I even set the alarm in the first place. Today I have felt pretty good however I can feel that knot in my throat coming back and I am realizing it is that damned ole allergy season again. Spring. Pew. I dislike Spring.

I dislike true spring but I love what it represents. But with summer I love what is represent and what it is because it pans out almost always to be the best season of all. Besides winter, which I also love because it also does a good job of being exactly what it is meant to be. But fall is really unusual. I cannot think of anything exceptional about it.

But on to my discontentment of the season of Spring. I mostly dislike it because it rains all the time and you never know if you will or will not need a jacket or a rain coat or if you should just wear a shirt. Allergies are everywhere. Despite those few things I adore what Spring is all about.

Spring is about rebirth. It is where all the world comes to life after it's big white Winter hibernation. Winter and Spring have really meshed together this year, but you never know what the weather will be like in Missouri. I love the colors of Spring. They are all so vibrant. Today I saw a rich red tulip that I desperately wanted to pick out of someone's yard but Adzy informed me that it was more than likely planted there, so I decided not to pick it.

Though I like the colors, the meaning, and the concept of rebirth which is all a beautiful part of the Spring season, I absolutely can hardly wait for Summer. Summer was my favorite when I was younger and happier and as I am growing and becoming happier, again, Summer is taking it's place as my favorite Season again. However I am an extremist and my two favorite seasons are Summer and Winter.

Summer is magic, there is no doubt in any person's mind, of this I am sure. Summer for all the kids means no school. Summer love. Memories that only brightly sunlight days can bring back. Summer means sweating, swimming, sun bathing. Summer means less responsibility and more relaxation. Summer means finding yourself and hopefully others. Summer is the best time to share with friends and family. Summer is when people take vacation and roam away from the ordinary. Summer is a road trip with just one other person, as you both blast your favorite tunes and sing to them with all your heart and soul. Summer means less clothes, less shoes or even bare feet.Summer means iced tea, iced coffee, cold lemonade. Summer means getting caught up with people you have forgotten. Summer is where people come home for a rest after being gone for a while. Summer is a break. I love Summer, I truly love everything about it. Certain people remind me of summer and it makes me smile. It makes me feel alive. Revived.

I am really looking forward to this Summer more than I have ever looked forward to anything. When I get this gift of Summer, I will be most grateful.
Summer is when I can really let all my hair down and all my bohemian will outshine the rest of me. Something about summer makes me wanna tell the truth, makes me wanna fall in love, makes me wanna start a revolution, makes me wanna pick up a guitar and start that folk band.

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